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Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest

Result Release_2023 AIMO FinalPhoto And Vedio

Admission IDCountry / RegionGradeNameAIMO AwardsWMGO Awards
202320091Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4易乐汐Star of International /
202310274Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3陳知淏Star of International /
202340279Macau, ChinaGrade 3李德言 Lei Tak InStar of International /
202340322BrazilSenior SecondaryTHIAGO C. FERREIRINHA BOURGUIGNON Star of International /
202340241IndiaGrade 5R. ARJUN BAALAJHIStar of International /
202340245IndonesiaGrade 4PUTU ESA INDRASTRA NUGRAHAStar of International /
202340227BulgariaGrade 7YOAN NIKOLAEV MIHAYLOVStar of International /
202340266KazakhstanGrade 9NAZAR BERSUGIRStar of International /
202340233CambodiaGrade 8HENG PANHA VATANAKStar of International /
202340161MalaysiaGrade 6YEOH YI SHUENStar of International /
202340289PhilippinesGrade 4HEAL JOB ESIO UYStar of International /
202340314VietnamGrade 8NGO DUC MINHStar of International /
202340290SingaporeSenior SecondaryBRANDON KIMStar of International /
202320058Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2郑绍彤ChampionGold Honour
202320037Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2康时荃First runner-upFirst runner-up
202340190MalaysiaGrade 2NATHAN TAN RUI ERNSecond runner-upGold Honour
202320059Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2王翊丰Gold HonourSecond runner-up
202320076Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2高礼宸Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310415Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2夏璟晞Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320073Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2陈秋怡Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310001Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2馬雅Gold HonourGold Honour
202320137Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2潘方耀Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320075Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2赵思诚Gold HonourGold Honour
202310122Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2徐昊緯Gold HonourGold Honour
202340255IndonesiaGrade 2ALEXANDER ALBERTA ZHENGGold HonourBronze Honour
202340046MalaysiaGrade 2SEAN YAPGold HonourGold Honour
202310225Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2吳紫鴻Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310379Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2沈煜閔Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310209Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2蔡浩天Silver HonourMerit Award
202310145Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2朱睿翹Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310266Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2鄭皓文Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320027Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2杨晨熙Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310138Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2林聲灝Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310142Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2李雲騫Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320041Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2李铠宇Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320042Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2汤岱立Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310208Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2蔡博宇Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310261Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2蔡沚高Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320101Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2朱隽谦Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320111Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2李熠苒Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310041Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2張俊羲Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310036Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2林逸凱Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310318Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2梁天愉Silver HonourMerit Award
202310332Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2唐樂葳Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310042Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2羅承灝Silver HonourGold Honour
202320004Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2苏星九Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310303Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2莊子罡Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310060Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2楊灝霖Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320132Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2胡凌菲Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320168Anhui, ChinaGrade 2曹仲淇Silver HonourMerit Award
202340258IndonesiaGrade 2GLENN MAXWELL HARYANTOSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310339Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2呼小駿Silver HonourMerit Award
202340261IndonesiaGrade 2AXELLE JAYDEN QUONSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340260IndonesiaGrade 2SKYE NOELL TJIABronze HonourSilver Honour
202310117Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2唐钰萱Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310228Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2周晉樂Bronze HonourGold Honour
202320049Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2蒲思辰Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310092Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2張宇洋Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310082Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2許諾哲Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310196Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2劉鈞曦Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310201Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2何澤軒Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320039Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2郭易康Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310124Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2葉塱熹Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310013Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2蘇浩銘Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310018Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2賴柏諭Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310413Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2李墨轩Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320090Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2周毅昕Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310294Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2林丞翰Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320096Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2王晨余Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320174Jiangsu, ChinaGrade 2郭昱梵Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310054Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2石又南Bronze HonourGold Honour
202340249IndonesiaGrade 2CHANRAYA ALEXANDER RONGGOKUSUMOBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310050Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2陳思銘Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340149MalaysiaGrade 2NG AMELIABronze HonourBronze Honour
202310281Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2林博仁Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320074Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2陈思翰Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310398Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2余芍霖Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340027MalaysiaGrade 2JANE WONG XIN YUEBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310298Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2蘇晉灝Bronze HonourChampion
202320134Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2宗阳涵Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310165Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2羅逸桐Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320035Shanghai, ChinaGrade 2忻语锋Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310411Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2張珀睿Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310121Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2馬振喨Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340248IndonesiaGrade 2HAZEL KURNIAWANBronze HonourMerit Award
202310075Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2陳晉禧Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310420Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2林奕成Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310057Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2楊睿恒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310095Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2朱子涵Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340253IndonesiaGrade 2MARVEL RASENDRIA HERDIAN Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310131Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2陳靖弘Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340049MalaysiaGrade 2LEE ZHI XUANBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340055MalaysiaGrade 2CHENG YI CHENBronze HonourMerit Award
202340098MalaysiaGrade 2CHIU YAO DE ANDONMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310273Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2鄭涵濤Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340209MalaysiaGrade 2CHARLENE THONG WAN LIMerit AwardMerit Award
202310104Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 2吳佰駿Merit AwardMerit Award
202340230CambodiaGrade 2UNG VADHANAKSOVICHEAMerit AwardMerit Award
202340140MalaysiaGrade 2HSU YUEMerit AwardMerit Award
202310274Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3陳知淏ChampionSilver Honour
202320122Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3陶睿喆First runner-upGold Honour
202320064Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3肖淳瑞Second runner-upGold Honour
202310162Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3嘉成翊Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320104Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3蔡旻君Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320172Jiangsu, ChinaGrade 3韩奇灏Gold HonourChampion
202310047Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3趙勁楠Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320129Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3杨子艺Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320136Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3李思齐Gold HonourSilver Honour
202340279Macau, ChinaGrade 3李德言 Lei Tak InGold HonourSilver Honour
202310254Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3吳栩華Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320014Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3张立君Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310161Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3詹胤汛Gold HonourFirst runner-up
202310098Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3陳焯楠Gold HonourGold Honour
202320126Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3沈裕凯Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310048Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3趙勁桐Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310245Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3潘諾Gold HonourGold Honour
202340295VietnamGrade 3NGUYEN NHAT MINHGold HonourSilver Honour
202310188Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3周煜凡Gold HonourGold Honour
202310187Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3孫光遠Silver HonourGold Honour
202320097Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3李世灷Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320007Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3潘宁阅Silver HonourSecond runner-up
202320128Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3周启骏Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310046Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3趙勁楓Silver HonourGold Honour
202310293Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3李德瑞Silver HonourGold Honour
202320139Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3杜朱子立Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320065Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3王建皓Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310044Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3史卓軒Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310127Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3朱柏宇Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340296VietnamGrade 3LE TIEN MINHSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310302Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3蘇逸山Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310350Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3朱皓軒Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320025Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3汪禹城Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310132Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3張加霖Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320002Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3王若颖Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320121Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3姚茏一Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320061Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3江劭轩Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310399Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3岑東Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320010Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3严哲其Silver HonourGold Honour
202340114MalaysiaGrade 3IAN CHUA ZHENG YANSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340182MalaysiaGrade 3WAYNE LO CHENG BOSilver HonourSilver Honour
202320130Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3王肖潼Silver HonourGold Honour
202310246Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3龔天樂Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320062Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3谭杰中Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310249Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3鄒諾謙Silver HonourGold Honour
202310118Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3鍾敏言Silver HonourGold Honour
202310388Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3楊承進Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320098Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3杨知铭Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320112Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3王梓霁Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310170Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3袁禮安Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320053Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3张家瑞Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320102Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3时运杰Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320152Guangdong, ChinaGrade 3梁书豪Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340062MalaysiaGrade 3TAN LE ENSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310214Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3陳米Silver HonourGold Honour
202320094Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3徐昱萱Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320131Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3刘幸雯Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320005Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3张家鸣Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310401Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3張宸睿Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320050Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3蔡林辰Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340146MalaysiaGrade 3LEONG MUN HOONGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340294VietnamGrade 3TRAN NGUYEN MINHBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310276Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3蔡緯羲Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310351Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3劉其偉Bronze HonourGold Honour
202320024Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3陈梓悦Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320066Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3刘润谦Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310313Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3關一諾Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310231Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3何橙喆Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310329Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3蔡希賢Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310026Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3黎子熙Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310235Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3楊博涵Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310333Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3李愷諾Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340239IndiaGrade 3JISHAN YADAVBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310063Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3梁競希Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310326Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3王楚傑Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320078Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3郭铭澈Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310171Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3盧亦辰Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310418Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3司徒孝禮Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340153MalaysiaGrade 3LOH EE JAYNEBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340076MalaysiaGrade 3OUNG KAR KHENGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310163Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3夏蓓兒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310099Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3李思穎Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310181Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3張睿哲Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320109Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3姚心懿Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310186Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3陳炫丞Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310071Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3林靖恩Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310336Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3高梓涵Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310383Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3余君彥Bronze HonourGold Honour
202320106Shanghai, ChinaGrade 3刘若伊Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340004MalaysiaGrade 3JOSHUA TEE SHIH YANGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340160MalaysiaGrade 3TAI SHAO ZHEBronze Honour/
202340126MalaysiaGrade 3DEXTER CHOO YI CHENBronze HonourMerit Award
202310238Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3吳子逸Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310180Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3張致遠Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340022MalaysiaGrade 3MASON LEE HAO QIANBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310019Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3李和Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310290Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3彭俊瑋Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340144MalaysiaGrade 3HERMAN TAN YAN YUNBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340099MalaysiaGrade 3CHONG REANNEBronze HonourMerit Award
202310244Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3鄭承桸Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310259Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3鍾懿Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310380Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3孫靖宜Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340254IndonesiaGrade 3ANAK AGUNG PUTU ADHYASTARABronze HonourBronze Honour
202310114Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3鄧焯駿Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310080Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3江懿柔Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340011MalaysiaGrade 3TING ZHI XINBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340212MalaysiaGrade 3LEONG LE YINGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310361Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3陳沛謙Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340180MalaysiaGrade 3WYNSLEY YEE ZEBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340256IndonesiaGrade 3STEFANO KARIMBronze HonourMerit Award
202310009Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3曠茗月Merit AwardMerit Award
202340018MalaysiaGrade 3KA YAN YUEMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340083MalaysiaGrade 3CHU JIN YIKMerit AwardMerit Award
202340121MalaysiaGrade 3BRYAN CHUA BING RONGMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310226Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3周梓珚Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310211Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3吳卓熙Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310083Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3戴煒軒Merit AwardMerit Award
202310119Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3朱釗賢Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310419Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3游卓凞Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310311Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3蔡宇凡Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310078Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3張嘉傑Merit AwardSilver Honour
202340014MalaysiaGrade 3LENNON EE FUNGMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340293VietnamGrade 3TRAN HOANG LAM KHEMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310192Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3李欣儀Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340225BulgariaGrade 3MARAYA TODOROVA PASKALEVAMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340229CambodiaGrade 3NY THELANDDIAMONDMerit AwardMerit Award
202340231CambodiaGrade 3LENG SOKSEREIMONKOLMerit AwardMerit Award
202310153Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 3颜子钧Merit AwardMerit Award
202340053MalaysiaGrade 3VINSON CHONG KENZENMerit AwardMerit Award
202320091Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4易乐汐ChampionGold Honour
202320087Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4蔡伯安First runner-upGold Honour
202340245IndonesiaGrade 4PUTU ESA INDRASTRA NUGRAHASecond runner-upGold Honour
202310072Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4王梓淵Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320084Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4郑煜钧Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320177Zhejiang, ChinaGrade 4祝辰逸Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320124Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4徐辰Gold HonourGold Honour
202320043Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4陈柄燊Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310194Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4李逸希Gold HonourGold Honour
202320133Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4朱乐逸Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310143Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4甘卓為Gold HonourGold Honour
202320012Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4耿乾然Gold HonourGold Honour
202320029Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4季凡稀Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320045Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4朱建衡Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320116Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4黄俊嘉Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320028Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4张煜晨Gold HonourGold Honour
202340289PhilippinesGrade 4HEAL JOB ESIO UYGold HonourSilver Honour
202310262Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4黃卓盛Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320135Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4刘佳滢Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310256Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4周涵涛Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310315Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4趙子予Gold HonourSecond runner-up
202310316Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4黃遨鋒Gold HonourChampion
202320178Zhejiang, ChinaGrade 4叶蓝天Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320018Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4黄纪豪Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320071Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4苏婼璇Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320013Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4周悠然Silver HonourGold Honour
202320030Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4李煜峰Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340065MalaysiaGrade 4ISABELLE LIM XINN HAENSilver HonourSilver Honour
202320055Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4梁照谦Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320056Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4刘禹含Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320070Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4黄一铭Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320110Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4姜来Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340297VietnamGrade 4TO HAI LAMSilver HonourBronze Honour
202320083Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4顾与伦Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310400Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳彥彰Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320046Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4潘晨Silver HonourGold Honour
202320107Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4杨梓漠Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310234Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳浚泓Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320123Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4田欣妍Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340060MalaysiaGrade 4HOMIN WANGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310031Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4周朗皓Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310172Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳靖熙Silver HonourGold Honour
202320176Jiangsu, ChinaGrade 4唐鸣捷Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340002MalaysiaGrade 4NG HAI THONGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310347Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4關皓晉Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320103Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4童熙妍Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320145Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4万子祺Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320160Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4朱飞羽Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320175Jiangsu, ChinaGrade 4任昊洋Silver HonourGold Honour
202320173Jiangsu, ChinaGrade 4冯奕为Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320003Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4张旻豪Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320034Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4堵语非Silver HonourMerit Award
202320006Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4张晁嘉Silver HonourGold Honour
202310195Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4周瑾之Silver HonourGold Honour
202320115Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4詹语童Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320148Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4方诗语Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340228BulgariaGrade 4DANIEL VLADIMIROV KOLOVSKISilver HonourGold Honour
202310120Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4張浩天Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340050MalaysiaGrade 4SAMUEL GOH YU SIANGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202320009Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4邵天祐Silver HonourMerit Award
202320119Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4朱星蓉Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320095Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4刘雨竹Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320149Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4陈明远Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320113Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4赵泓涵Silver HonourGold Honour
202320157Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4余俊霆Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340247IndonesiaGrade 4MICHAEL ANGELO OWENSilver HonourSilver Honour
202320140Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4潘伯廷Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310015Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4李璟睿Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310216Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4李彥霖Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320162Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4翟翰昀Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320092Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4杨梓越Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310373Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4邱子荷Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310381Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳穎佳Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310279Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4周沛譽Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340091MalaysiaGrade 4TAN YI TENGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310045Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳潁傑Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310217Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4馮天宇Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320100Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4车兴颉Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340084MalaysiaGrade 4LEE JIN YIBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310093Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4張語暄Bronze HonourGold Honour
202320008Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4成和爰Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340169MalaysiaGrade 4LOH WEN JINBronze HonourSilver Honour
202320142Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4陈郑渊Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340035MalaysiaGrade 4MICAELA TAN TZE SHANBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310074Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4林瑋峯Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320060Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4朱舸Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310091Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4林棨駿Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310349Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4黃仁俊Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320150Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4吴美熹Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310102Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4吳予晗Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310301Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4吳縉杰Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310085Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4李錦添Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340136MalaysiaGrade 4JANESH POH ZHI HUANGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340139MalaysiaGrade 4LAM KIAN XUNBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310397Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4余彥霖Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310155Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4劉卓鋒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310402Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4张洲赫Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340218MalaysiaGrade 4ETHAN CHOW NGOK ZENGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202320144Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4朱昱霖Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340119MalaysiaGrade 4JOSHUA TEE HONG SHENGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310334Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4黃幸儀Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320082Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4顾博然Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340262IndonesiaGrade 4FREDERICK TAN SANTOSOBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310224Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4倪苗天Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320048Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4陆紫菡Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320089Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4狄雨萱Bronze HonourGold Honour
202320143Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4陈郑博Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310304Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4林皓匡Bronze HonourFirst runner-up
202340170MalaysiaGrade 4FOONG JAY RENBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340257IndonesiaGrade 4NI MADE FIORANI PUTRI SUBUDHIBronze HonourMerit Award
202310355Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4徐朗軒Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310006Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳思行Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310221Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4林逸希Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310126Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4李允信Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310146Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4蔣天藍Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310396Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4罗婧丹Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310405Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4黃翹焮Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340174MalaysiaGrade 4TAN GUAN YUBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310016Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4徐嘉佑Bronze HonourMerit Award
202320047Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4姚清云Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310081Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4叶以谦Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310112Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4周辰蘊Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310223Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4賈衍智Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310173Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳伽熹Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340093MalaysiaGrade 4NG SIK YINBronze HonourBronze Honour
202320158Guangdong, ChinaGrade 4李思纶Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310213Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4梁恩宥Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340074MalaysiaGrade 4JOSIAH NG ZI HAOBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340298VietnamGrade 4NGO LAM ANHBronze HonourBronze Honour
202320099Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4魏楚青Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340122MalaysiaGrade 4PANG HAO XUANMerit AwardSilver Honour
202310369Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4蔡悅銘Merit AwardBronze Honour
202320182Shanghai, ChinaGrade 4程奕涵Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340034MalaysiaGrade 4WONG JUN XIMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340173MalaysiaGrade 4CHANG LI SOONMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340280PhilippinesGrade 4GAVRYLL LIAO KONG TIONGCO Merit AwardMerit Award
202310037Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4梁雅惠Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310366Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4李奕君Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340127MalaysiaGrade 4MAVIS YAU JING YIMerit AwardMerit Award
202310134Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4陳維劭Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340281PhilippinesGrade 4ANTONIO PIO RUBRICA VIVOMerit AwardMerit Award
202310010Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4洪銘凱Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310179Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4尹霆軒Merit AwardSilver Honour
202310277Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4劉家僑Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340075MalaysiaGrade 4GRACE LING JI ENMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340079MalaysiaGrade 4SICK JYIN SHUAENMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340216MalaysiaGrade 4SHARWINDHIRAN A/L ARUNMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310023Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 4王晓妍Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340051MalaysiaGrade 4KONG XIN YINGMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310076Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5劉俊希ChampionChampion
202310189Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5徐逸之First runner-upSilver Honour
202310008Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5周愷駿Second runner-upFirst runner-up
202310141Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5蔡雨衡Gold HonourGold Honour
202310101Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5林燁Gold HonourGold Honour
202320072Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5周义畯Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310291Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5夏豪Gold HonourSecond runner-up
202340145MalaysiaGrade 5LOW JINN KHAIGold HonourBronze Honour
202320057Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5刘子懿Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310248Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5鍾卓霖Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310183Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5源天恩Gold HonourGold Honour
202310263Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5趙麒堯Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310029Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5周齊Gold HonourGold Honour
202310090Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5熊晞晴Gold HonourGold Honour
202320069Guangdong, ChinaGrade 5罗煜圣Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320117Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5袁弘雅Gold HonourBronze Honour
202340088MalaysiaGrade 5CHONG ENN SHANEGold HonourSilver Honour
202310414Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5文日希Gold HonourGold Honour
202320079Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5李有恒Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320081Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5彭若俨Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310065Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5謝子晉Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320127Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5施皓腾Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320067Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5何灵杰Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310028Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5周賢Silver HonourGold Honour
202320040Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5杨皓中Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340241IndiaGrade 5R. ARJUN BAALAJHISilver HonourSilver Honour
202310014Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5赵元熙Silver HonourGold Honour
202320120Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5李享Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310137Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5梁愷敏Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320105Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5许欣詠Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310185Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陈奕择Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310403Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5鄺汶鋕Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320153Guangdong, ChinaGrade 5魏绎真Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310191Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5黃智昇Silver HonourGold Honour
202340199MalaysiaGrade 5NATHAN KEE YONG ZHENSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340147MalaysiaGrade 5DARYL TEE KAI SHENGSilver HonourGold Honour
202310133Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5余恩望Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310136Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5薛旭棣Silver HonourGold Honour
202310367Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5高子然Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320015Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5夏彦臣Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320077Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5丁振轩Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310283Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5馮樂恩Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310025Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5姚皓一Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310107Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5周睿澤Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320026Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5张落微Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320179Xinjiang, ChinaGrade 5陈启星Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310017Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5葉承旭Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320051Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5王昕铖Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340038MalaysiaGrade 5SOON YU HONNSilver HonourGold Honour
202340283PhilippinesGrade 5ETHAN LIAM YU GOSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310265Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5鄭瀅睿Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310200Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5凌卓嫻Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310257Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5梁睿聰Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310404Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5許崇軒Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320038Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5唐子越Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320080Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5夏其琛Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310295Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5曾長卓Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340006MalaysiaGrade 5ELNER LIM HONG QIANSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340096MalaysiaGrade 5JONATHAN CHOW JING HENGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310129Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5廖子淮Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310061Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5魏子龍Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310260Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5吳日希Silver HonourMerit Award
202340299VietnamGrade 5NGUYEN TAN THINHSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310135Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5林柏同Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320019Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5周紫昕Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340023MalaysiaGrade 5IZZ IMIL SHAHROM ABDULLAHSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340287PhilippinesGrade 5ALBERT STEVEN SY TANSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340077MalaysiaGrade 5WONG BIK YONGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310069Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5孫昕怡Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310160Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5朱耀星Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310368Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陳子軒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320155Guangdong, ChinaGrade 5符继远Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310239Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5楊智軒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310282Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5蔡亦翰Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310070Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5孫奕昕Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310109Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5黃尚謙Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320169Anhui, ChinaGrade 5李兆元Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310039Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陈耘瀚Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310337Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5泮弈誠Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340288PhilippinesGrade 5HEINTJ JOB ESIO UYBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310079Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5連珮賢Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310111Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5楊興晨Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310354Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5何啓正Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310359Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5甄廷軒Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310288Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5丘景輝Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310227Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5張乘陽Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310152Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5高睿祺Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310258Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5梁睿希Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310320Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5楊淙澔Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310417Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5司徒淳禮Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340082MalaysiaGrade 5CHU JIA XUANBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310174Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5莊沛璁Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340175MalaysiaGrade 5TING ZHI HINBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340167MalaysiaGrade 5KHOR CLOVISBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340081MalaysiaGrade 5ANNIE YUBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310049Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5譚傲言Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310212Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5潘璟豐Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310412Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5蘇子朗Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310300Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陳韋達Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310360Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5張凌睿Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320023Shanghai, ChinaGrade 5唐朝Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340300VietnamGrade 5DAO DUC PHONGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202320156Guangdong, ChinaGrade 5袁梓乔Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310100Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5鄭祺澔Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310317Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5戴俊彥Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310027Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5鄭諾言Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340282PhilippinesGrade 5THYRON FLYNN YAO LIMBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310125Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5王子龍Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310043Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5高佳奕Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310377Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5涂梓晉Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320154Guangdong, ChinaGrade 5曾芃喆Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310166Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5莫海怡Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310247Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陳偲瑀Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310289Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陳佑朗Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310321Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5吴鸿萱Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340301VietnamGrade 5LE HOANG VUBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310064Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5李垚欣Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310097Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5李釗昊Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310297Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5許靖Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310314Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5駱頌晞Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310395Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5肖熙婷Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340003MalaysiaGrade 5JAKE LIEW CHENG ENBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340069MalaysiaGrade 5CHEN ZHI HUIBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310252Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5黃慶章Bronze HonourGold Honour
202340117MalaysiaGrade 5SAJHIV KUMAR SURESHKUMARBronze HonourGold Honour
202310002Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5吳梓為Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340259IndonesiaGrade 5GLENDON KUEBronze HonourGold Honour
202340274KazakhstanGrade 5LEILA KIYANBEKOVABronze HonourMerit Award
202340302VietnamGrade 5NGUYEN MINH DUYBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340197MalaysiaGrade 5SHANESSA JANGIE ANAK JOSELINE ADONGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310230Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5魏子軒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320151Guangdong, ChinaGrade 5林俊宇Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340015MalaysiaGrade 5LYSIA EL FUNGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340100MalaysiaGrade 5MAVRIC TANG HAO YANGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340112MalaysiaGrade 5HANNAH YUN WAI YANBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340188MalaysiaGrade 5AMETHYST SIA HUA XIBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310022Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5李尚熙Merit AwardBronze Honour
202320167Guangxi, ChinaGrade 5陈雅煊Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340276KazakhstanGrade 5ALTAIR MASHIRMerit AwardMerit Award
202310222Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陳新宇Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340120MalaysiaGrade 5WU WENSLEYMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310184Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5許瀚鎔Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310376Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5曾祥榮Merit AwardSilver Honour
202340123MalaysiaGrade 5LIM YEE SHUENMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340142MalaysiaGrade 5VICTOR ANG ZI XIMerit Award/
202310115Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5鄧雪希Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310275Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 5陳懿曦Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340021MalaysiaGrade 5KHONG KAI LERMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340118MalaysiaGrade 5YAP JOO MINGMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340278KazakhstanGrade 5LOCHANA LENAWAMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340161MalaysiaGrade 6YEOH YI SHUENChampionFirst runner-up
202320063Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6姚联泳First runner-upSilver Honour
202320021Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6董博成Second runner-upBronze Honour
202320031Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6陈源力Gold HonourGold Honour
202320138Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6李雨轩Gold HonourGold Honour
202310108Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6莫宇勳Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310271Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6黎學霖Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320093Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6李恩潺Gold HonourGold Honour
202320114Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6王骏豪Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310255Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6許皓軒Gold HonourChampion
202320036Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6俞阅甫Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320017Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6荣佳晨Gold HonourGold Honour
202310034Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6吳尚哲Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310267Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6洪樂軒Gold HonourGold Honour
202310345Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6王奕捷Gold HonourSilver Honour
202340115MalaysiaGrade 6JAYDEN GOH EE HONGSilver HonourGold Honour
202310280Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6周沛藝 Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320054Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6马维皓Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320147Guangdong, ChinaGrade 6梁海键Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320022Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6李杰燊Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320108Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6施懿轩Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310105Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6袁熙城Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310144Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6羅浩銘Silver HonourGold Honour
202320141Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6张嘉博Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320020Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6赵峻霖Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320161Guangdong, ChinaGrade 6李泓睿Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340196MalaysiaGrade 6TANG YI XUANSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310330Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6劉家寶Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310157Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6彭培淳Silver HonourBronze Honour
202320118Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6应子颉Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340154MalaysiaGrade 6GOH YI HONGSilver HonourSecond runner-up
202310084Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6龔稷Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320159Guangdong, ChinaGrade 6罗仲毅Silver HonourMerit Award
202310030Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6劉日朗Silver HonourGold Honour
202340097MalaysiaGrade 6WANG JIA-YUANNSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310106Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6涂耀文Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320180Fujian, ChinaGrade 6吴宇轩Silver HonourMerit Award
202310346Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6陳翔風Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340306VietnamGrade 6NGUYEN QUANG LAMSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310327Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6謝嘉鴻Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340072MalaysiaGrade 6KEITH LAU KAH HEYSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340005MalaysiaGrade 6DECLAN LIM DING YISilver HonourBronze Honour
202320165Guangxi, ChinaGrade 6胡浩宇Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340007MalaysiaGrade 6LAI JOE HERNSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340185MalaysiaGrade 6BRYAN KU CHEE HAOSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310286Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6江君臨Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340303VietnamGrade 6HOANG DUC DUNGBronze HonourMerit Award
202310198Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6鄭家杭Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340307VietnamGrade 6NGUYEN VIET BACHBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310199Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6李天朗Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310416Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6梁栩華Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202320164Guangxi, ChinaGrade 6覃子楚Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310005Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6麥卓軒Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310190Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6张子阳Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310232Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6潘力銘Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320163Guangxi, ChinaGrade 6蒋青潮Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340086MalaysiaGrade 6SEAH YU HENGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310422Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6王禹涵Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340291SingaporeGrade 6YASH RAJBronze HonourSilver Honour
202320166Guangxi, ChinaGrade 6袁香怡Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340056MalaysiaGrade 6SIM ZHUO YIBronze HonourGold Honour
202310378Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6李宥男Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340304VietnamGrade 6NGUYEN QUANG MINHBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310110Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6陳民信Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310113Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6黄俊博Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310323Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6陈美博Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340009MalaysiaGrade 6DARREN LIM XING TENGBronze HonourGold Honour
202340068MalaysiaGrade 6BRAYDEN WONG MING HAWBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340078MalaysiaGrade 6KHAW YIH JIEBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340244IndonesiaGrade 6CHERISH CHENBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340089MalaysiaGrade 6DHEING ZHE HEEBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310193Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6林喆Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310094Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6張語昊Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310242Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6郭彥彤Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310324Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6謝俊鋒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340308VietnamGrade 6DANG LE MINH ANHSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310197Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6蔡其臻Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202320001Shanghai, ChinaGrade 6孙于玟Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310148Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6姚希彤Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340110MalaysiaGrade 6CLIFF LIM HAOBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340277KazakhstanGrade 6KAMAL LENAWABronze HonourBronze Honour
202340305VietnamGrade 6LUU MINH HUYBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310089Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6蔡元璞Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310344Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6魏子洵Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340242IndonesiaGrade 6LIM YUBINBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340008MalaysiaGrade 6NG JHIN CHENBronze HonourMerit Award
202340159MalaysiaGrade 6KAYDEN LIM ZE XUNBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340246IndonesiaGrade 6NICHOLAS ICHIRO CIOKOBronze HonourMerit Award
202340066MalaysiaGrade 6CHEONG WYLIEBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310215Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6楊思遠Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340040MalaysiaGrade 6YONG YUEN HANBronze HonourGold Honour
202310116Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6唐玉璋Merit AwardMerit Award
202340165MalaysiaGrade 6JOHN DARIUS A/L JOHNSONMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310004Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6何銘濠Merit AwardSilver Honour
202340204MalaysiaGrade 6LING U THENGMerit AwardMerit Award
202310011Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6黃健朗Merit AwardSilver Honour
202340155MalaysiaGrade 6PURNIMHA KANNANMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340109MalaysiaGrade 6TIEW ZHI YANGMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310287Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6李璟灝Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340284PhilippinesGrade 6VICTRISHA ANNE NAVARRO ARGUELLESMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340285PhilippinesGrade 6LIV ABIGAIL RAMIREZ FLORENDOMerit AwardMerit Award
202310139Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 6陳逸熙Merit AwardBronze Honour
202320088Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7狄子桐ChampionBronze Honour
202340162MalaysiaGrade 7TYLER JORDANNIO KRISANTOFirst runner-upSilver Honour
202310203Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7王壹冰Second runner-upBronze Honour
202320052Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7周子蘅Gold HonourSilver Honour
202340064MalaysiaGrade 7ISAAC LIM ZHI YANNGold HonourSecond runner-up
202340202MalaysiaGrade 7JADON LIM HAO ENGold HonourSilver Honour
202320033Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7蔡智宸Gold HonourGold Honour
202320125Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7史浩博Gold HonourBronze Honour
202320086Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7冯浩翔Gold HonourBronze Honour
202340010MalaysiaGrade 7KONG HO MINGold HonourBronze Honour
202320085Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7沈瑞霖Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310051Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7葉昭穎Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310012Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7蔡子煇Silver HonourMerit Award
202340311VietnamGrade 7NGUYEN TUNG LAMSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340309VietnamGrade 7TRAN THE PHUCSilver HonourMerit Award
202320068Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7陈沁昀Silver HonourMerit Award
202320016Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7葛建赟Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310325Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7王慕璞Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340030MalaysiaGrade 7DARREN HII WEN ZHENGSilver HonourMerit Award
202310055Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7譚文皓Silver HonourSilver Honour
202320032Shanghai, ChinaGrade 7蔡赵益Silver HonourGold Honour
202340227BulgariaGrade 7YOAN NIKOLAEV MIHAYLOVSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340131MalaysiaGrade 7JUSTIN CHOW JING YENSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340270KazakhstanGrade 7DASTAN ARSAKBAYEVSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310296Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7許樂Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310390Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7蘇政豪Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340085MalaysiaGrade 7CHAN PARK YUSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340134MalaysiaGrade 7NG ZHEN XUANSilver HonourMerit Award
202340172MalaysiaGrade 7CHANG LI HUNGSilver HonourMerit Award
202340184MalaysiaGrade 7SOO EU KHAISilver HonourSilver Honour
202340250IndonesiaGrade 7RASYAA RAUFA HANAFISilver HonourSilver Honour
202340251IndonesiaGrade 7BRITANNY CHARLENE LIAUNARDY Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310253Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7黃雅諾Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340137MalaysiaGrade 7HOR HAO TZESilver HonourBronze Honour
202310140Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7杨予直Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340043MalaysiaGrade 7CREVAN CHONG CHAU SHENBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310077Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7梁翊晞Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310374Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7黎逸晞Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310250Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7葉達新Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340041MalaysiaGrade 7TONG JEN FENGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310338Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7樂映瑤Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310278Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7林熙元Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310007Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7辛全朗Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310128Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7吳玉晴Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310409Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7李澤元Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340111MalaysiaGrade 7THAM JIA LYBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310312Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7羅子渊Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310220Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7洪長泰Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340207MalaysiaGrade 7CYRIAX TANBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340267KazakhstanGrade 7ABULKHAIR KUANYSHBronze HonourMerit Award
202340036MalaysiaGrade 7PNG XIN YU, BRIANNABronze HonourBronze Honour
202310164Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7陳宣政Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310268Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7盧誠元Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310056Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7吳宇寧Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310206Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7呂天恩Bronze HonourChampion
202340028MalaysiaGrade 7LUCIUS EL FUNGBronze HonourFirst runner-up
202340219MalaysiaGrade 7LAM YOU JUNBronze HonourMerit Award
202310058Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7楊睿成Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310408Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7余星皜Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340058MalaysiaGrade 7SON YEO JUNBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340071MalaysiaGrade 7LOW EUNIKABronze HonourSilver Honour
202310340Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7李樂頤Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310362Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7李易Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340108MalaysiaGrade 7CELINE GOH WEN XUENBronze HonourGold Honour
202340067MalaysiaGrade 7LIM CHEE WAIBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340163MalaysiaGrade 7CHIN REN JIEBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310210Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7王梓龍Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310406Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7蔣彥哲Merit AwardSilver Honour
202310309Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7何政希Merit AwardMerit Award
202310305Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7吳澤華Merit AwardMerit Award
202340105MalaysiaGrade 7LOW QI WEIMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340138MalaysiaGrade 7JARED TEH YAN HAOMerit Award/
202340205MalaysiaGrade 7WAN AMATULLAH HUSNA BINTI WAN AHMAD HAFIZMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340201MalaysiaGrade 7IVAN RUSSELL EDMUND MANIORMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340206MalaysiaGrade 7LOW CHEOK FUNGMerit AwardGold Honour
202310407Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 7蔡朗喬Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340265KazakhstanGrade 7AYALA SATIYEVAMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340243IndonesiaGrade 7JOVAN ETHAN SANTOSOMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310033Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8周立文ChampionSilver Honour
202340012MalaysiaGrade 8JOASH LIM HEN YIFirst runner-upMerit Award
202340314VietnamGrade 8NGO DUC MINHSecond runner-upSilver Honour
202310032Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8Oh Won SeokGold HonourBronze Honour
202320044Shanghai, ChinaGrade 8凌梓涵Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320170Anhui, ChinaGrade 8彭龙Gold HonourSilver Honour
202340039MalaysiaGrade 8LIM YUN ZHEGold HonourBronze Honour
202340156MalaysiaGrade 8ALVIS LEOW JIN KERGold HonourBronze Honour
202310272Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8林承瀚Gold HonourFirst runner-up
202310130Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8钟佳玳Gold HonourGold Honour
202310052Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8徐子涵Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310264Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8樊日晉Silver HonourGold Honour
202310370Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8陳建熹Silver HonourChampion
202340191MalaysiaGrade 8LEONG KAI YANGSilver HonourMerit Award
202340193MalaysiaGrade 8IAN LAI CHANG ZHENSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340312VietnamGrade 8DANG QUANG HUNGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340095MalaysiaGrade 8TIEW ZHI SIENSilver HonourMerit Award
202340001MalaysiaGrade 8MARCUS CHEAH KAR KITSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310086Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8劉梓宇Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310182Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8朱海琿Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310236Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8徐旼曦Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310421Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8彭子賢Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340240IndiaGrade 8RAGHAV ANANDSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340203MalaysiaGrade 8WONG REN JIESilver HonourSilver Honour
202310088Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8湯子烈Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340313VietnamGrade 8TRAN NGOC GIA BAOSilver HonourMerit Award
202340025MalaysiaGrade 8TAN SHU HUISilver HonourBronze Honour
202340107MalaysiaGrade 8CONNOR JOAQUIN HENGSilver HonourGold Honour
202310021Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8姜希信Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310219Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8吳梓康Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310358Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8林子渝Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340194MalaysiaGrade 8QI XINBronze HonourGold Honour
202310204Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8潘家駒Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310285Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8范塍鍁Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340176MalaysiaGrade 8HENG CHEN YAOBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340213MalaysiaGrade 8SEE JIA LEBronze HonourSilver Honour
202320011Shanghai, ChinaGrade 8顾宸溪Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310342Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8蔡榮譽Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310372Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8陳家迎Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340271KazakhstanGrade 8ALIKHAN MEDEUOVBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310299Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8錢灝朗Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340087MalaysiaGrade 8FOOK ZE SINGBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340215MalaysiaGrade 8BRIAN CHAN KAI JUNBronze Honour/
202310292Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8張瀚彬Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340181MalaysiaGrade 8KUAN JING CHEEBronze HonourGold Honour
202340186MalaysiaGrade 8YVES OOI SHI XIBronze HonourMerit Award
202310243Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8黃欽Bronze HonourMerit Award
202340233CambodiaGrade 8HENG PANHA VATANAKBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310348Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8岑岷昇Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340315VietnamGrade 8DANG LE MINH QUANBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310067Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8馬耀星Bronze HonourSecond runner-up
202310156Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8吳偉斌Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310306Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8曾梓淇Bronze HonourGold Honour
202340029MalaysiaGrade 8LAU SIE HUIBronze HonourGold Honour
202340047MalaysiaGrade 8LEE YU YANGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340106MalaysiaGrade 8PANG ZHI HUEYBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340220MalaysiaGrade 8LIM YU TINGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340323BrazilGrade 8ANTHONY FANTINEL HERNANDESBronze HonourMerit Award
202310365Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8顏淑儀Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310308Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8陳綺彤Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310159Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8李曉樺Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310384Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8王柏晴Merit AwardSilver Honour
202340177MalaysiaGrade 8ALI ZULQARNAIN BIN MUHAMAD KAMARUZAMANMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340187MalaysiaGrade 8CADENCE TAN YI LERMerit AwardMerit Award
202310307Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 8陳啟恆Merit AwardMerit Award
202340124MalaysiaGrade 8VOON YIK CHENMerit Award/
202340129MalaysiaGrade 8GRACE LEE ZI YUMerit Award/
202340266KazakhstanGrade 9NAZAR BERSUGIRChampionBronze Honour
202340164MalaysiaGrade 9KONG HOI MUNFirst runner-upSilver Honour
202340016MalaysiaGrade 9BRYSON KONG YEW FOOSecond runner-upSecond runner-up
202310066Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9李皓朗Gold HonourBronze Honour
202310392Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9徐天賜Gold HonourGold Honour
202340037MalaysiaGrade 9GAN RU YINGGold HonourSilver Honour
202310073Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9陳栢希Gold HonourSilver Honour
202340316VietnamGrade 9TRAN VIET BACHGold HonourGold Honour
202310062Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9杜量宏Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310356Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9胡聞韜Gold HonourSilver Honour
202320146Guangdong, ChinaGrade 9关顺天Gold HonourMerit Award
202340226BulgariaGrade 9RADOSLAV SVETOSLAVOV BALKANSKISilver HonourGold Honour
202310040Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9張皓鈞Silver HonourGold Honour
202310154Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9石遠鴻Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310352Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9黄昶澍Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310150Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9余柏睿Silver HonourMerit Award
202310284Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9曾焯然Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340269KazakhstanGrade 9ARUM NURLANKYZYSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310322Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9陳賢政Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340221MalaysiaGrade 9LIM YU KANGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340133MalaysiaGrade 9REBECCA LOK POH YEESilver HonourSilver Honour
202340017MalaysiaGrade 9CHLOE LOH WEN JIASilver HonourMerit Award
202340103MalaysiaGrade 9YEAP ZHEN WEISilver HonourBronze Honour
202340171MalaysiaGrade 9CHANG LI XUENSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340200MalaysiaGrade 9DYLAN WONG YI HONGSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340252IndonesiaGrade 9ELIANA MARIA KATHARINA MAYSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310003Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9何穎恩Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310270Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9何浚鍩Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310353Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9胡逸銘Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340222MalaysiaGrade 9LEE NIHUEYSilver HonourGold Honour
202310341Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9符開鑫Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340195MalaysiaGrade 9TONG LIK PINBronze HonourGold Honour
202320171Anhui, ChinaGrade 9童亦然Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340268KazakhstanGrade 9ARUANA KUANYSHBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310389Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9楊承熹Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310331Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9田駸騏Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340048MalaysiaGrade 9WONG JIA BAOBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310425Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9吳泳家Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340054MalaysiaGrade 9BRYAN LING HOU LEBronze HonourFirst runner-up
202340235IndiaGrade 9ROHAN MONGABronze HonourBronze Honour
202310202Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9呂思廷Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310410Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9趙穎恩Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340045MalaysiaGrade 9NICHOLAS CHIA SOON KHEEBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340327BrazilGrade 9LUCAS FANTINEL CAMPELLOBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310178Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9譚弘道Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310149Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9許家和Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340328VietnamGrade 9VI VAN THAOBronze HonourMerit Award
202310176Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9錢立宏Bronze HonourMerit Award
202310343Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9許仕豪Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340151MalaysiaGrade 9ASYRAFF BIN MOHAMAD ALYASA'Bronze HonourChampion
202310251Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9朱容輝Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310310Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9陶梓軒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340044MalaysiaGrade 9SHTUNK OOIBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310087Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9汪思矜Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310375Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9鍾德暉Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340104MalaysiaGrade 9SAMANTHA WONG YUK XINBronze HonourMerit Award
202340130MalaysiaGrade 9TAN LI-YENBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340152MalaysiaGrade 9ETHAN YAP YOU QUANBronze HonourMerit Award
202310177Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9莫栢熙Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310328Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9陳美冰Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310123Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9林師典Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310158Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9吳樾Merit AwardBronze Honour
202310167Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9許琬霖Merit AwardMerit Award
202310168Hong Kong, ChinaGrade 9黎梓源Merit AwardBronze Honour
202340272KazakhstanGrade 9DANIIL BABKINMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340325BrazilGrade 9LAURA DE BRUM CARLANMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340125MalaysiaGrade 9CYMBELINE BONG XING YUENMerit Award/
202340324BrazilGrade 9ELIS HELENA DA SILVA SILVAMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340326BrazilGrade 9LEONARDO RUIZ FORGIARINIMerit AwardMerit Award
202340168MalaysiaSenior SecondaryHEONG SHIM HOWChampionBronze Honour
202340057MalaysiaSenior SecondaryHOWEN WANGFirst runner-upBronze Honour
202340273KazakhstanSenior SecondaryNURKASSYM KHAFIZSecond runner-upMerit Award
202340092MalaysiaSenior SecondaryLEE QI YANGGold HonourSilver Honour
202340166MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHAI CHANG YIKGold HonourGold Honour
202340113MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHENGJUN HANGold HonourChampion
202310371Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary黃朗軒Gold HonourSilver Honour
202340198MalaysiaSenior SecondaryJONATHAN HO KAI JIANGold HonourMerit Award
202340290SingaporeSenior SecondaryBRANDON KIMGold Honour/
202310024Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary周敔嫣Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310103Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary高明Gold HonourSilver Honour
202310424Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary盧子俊Gold HonourBronze Honour
202340019MalaysiaSenior SecondaryLING SHAN JACKGold HonourSilver Honour
202340179MalaysiaSenior SecondarySIAU ZHE XUANSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310240Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary郭韋彤Silver HonourGold Honour
202310385Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary呂俊鋮 Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340263KazakhstanSenior SecondaryVALERIIA TSOIGold HonourSilver Honour
202340059MalaysiaSenior SecondaryDANIEL PAW ZHANG SHENGSilver HonourGold Honour
202340148MalaysiaSenior SecondaryPHUA YUFANSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340330VietnamSenior SecondaryNGUYEN TRAN THUY CHISilver HonourMerit Award
202340178MalaysiaSenior SecondaryHENG CHEN GIAPSilver HonourGold Honour
202310386Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary郭駿亨Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310391Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary梁健彬Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340234IndiaSenior SecondaryAMOGHADITHYA DIVYA SWAROOPSilver HonourMerit Award
202340329VietnamSenior SecondaryHUYNH QUANG MINHSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310053Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary徐子宜Silver HonourSilver Honour
202310038Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary吳少傑Silver HonourBronze Honour
202310218Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary林彥彤Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340090MalaysiaSenior SecondaryTAN YAN YEESilver HonourBronze Honour
202340143MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHEAH JUN NIANSilver HonourSecond runner-up
202340192MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHEOK CALVERTSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310035Hong Kong, ChinaSenior SecondaryChaerin KimSilver HonourMerit Award
202340275KazakhstanSenior SecondaryELKHAN ADAYSilver HonourBronze Honour
202310393Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary陳嘉茂Silver HonourSilver Honour
202340189MalaysiaSenior SecondaryLEANG KAR MENSilver HonourMerit Award
202340208MalaysiaSenior SecondaryWONG LER FAANSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340063MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHUAH ZHE-HERNSilver HonourSilver Honour
202310241Hong Kong, ChinaSenior SecondaryChloe Chaemin YooSilver HonourBronze Honour
202340013MalaysiaSenior SecondaryZENG TIANHONGSilver HonourSilver Honour
202340080MalaysiaSenior SecondarySU YONGQISilver HonourSilver Honour
202340322BrazilSenior SecondaryTHIAGO C. FERREIRINHA BOURGUIGNON Silver HonourBronze Honour
202340150MalaysiaSenior SecondaryLUCAS YIP ZHEN-YUBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340094MalaysiaSenior SecondaryKIM SUHYEONBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310059Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary陳可昀Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310394Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary趙柏然Bronze HonourGold Honour
202310096Hong Kong, ChinaSenior SecondaryChaehuirimBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310068Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary胡綺琦Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340033MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHONG LE QIBronze HonourMerit Award
202340073MalaysiaSenior SecondaryALSTON LIOW GUAN YOUBronze HonourSilver Honour
202310175Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary廖朗軒Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310269Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary蘇文傑Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340128MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHIEW ZI LERBronze HonourGold Honour
202340264KazakhstanSenior SecondaryARZU NABIROVABronze HonourMerit Award
202340101MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHIN TECK XUANBronze HonourFirst runner-up
202340223BrazilSenior SecondaryTHIAGO DE QUADROS MALLMANN PAZBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340292PhilippinesSenior SecondaryJOVEN AUGUSTUS OLARTE COSTALESBronze HonourGold Honour
202340317IndonesiaSenior SecondaryNAIA HAURA SHADIQAHBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310423Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary賈文軒Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340026MalaysiaSenior SecondaryTAN EE VENBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340032MalaysiaSenior SecondaryCHONG GUANG QINGBronze HonourGold Honour
202340210MalaysiaSenior SecondaryKUAN YING LINBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340211MalaysiaSenior SecondaryKUAN YING SHANBronze HonourMerit Award
202310147Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary林嘉樂Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202340070MalaysiaSenior SecondaryBALLOON OWANNAKULBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340102MalaysiaSenior SecondaryYEAP ZHEN YUBronze HonourMerit Award
202340116MalaysiaSenior SecondaryDARYLL DHARSHAN ROYBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340214MalaysiaSenior SecondaryMARTIN LIM YU TENGBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340132MalaysiaSenior SecondaryTAN LAW SI-YOUBronze HonourSilver Honour
202340135MalaysiaSenior SecondaryTEO YUAN YI JOLIEBronze HonourGold Honour
202340286PhilippinesSenior SecondaryCHRIISTOPHER ALLEN ABITBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340024MalaysiaSenior SecondaryTAN EE JETBronze HonourBronze Honour
202310169Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary鄧紹夫Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310363Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary王蕊Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340236IndiaSenior SecondaryAUM B UPADHYAYABronze HonourBronze Honour
202340321BrazilSenior SecondaryVICTTÓRIA MAYRA SINÉSIO FERREIRA Bronze HonourSilver Honour
202310229Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary曾肇桁Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202310207Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary邱星涵Bronze HonourBronze Honour
202340217MalaysiaSenior SecondaryHANANO SUZUKIBronze HonourGold Honour
202340232CambodiaSenior SecondaryHENG MONYREAMBronze HonourBronze Honour
202340042MalaysiaSenior SecondaryFONG SHENG YUANMerit AwardBronze Honour
202340319BrazilSenior SecondaryISABEL FREITAS DE AZEVEDO RODRIGUESMerit AwardMerit Award
202340061MalaysiaSenior SecondaryLAU JIN YINGMerit AwardGold Honour
202340237IndiaSenior SecondaryAYUSH BIDWAIMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340238IndiaSenior SecondaryPRIYANSHU UKANIMerit AwardSilver Honour
202340318BrazilSenior SecondaryMARIA MARIANA MARTINS GONÇALVES Merit AwardMerit Award
202340320BrazilSenior SecondaryMARIA EDUARDA NUNESMerit AwardBronze Honour
202310364Hong Kong, ChinaSenior Secondary陳思衡Merit AwardBronze Honour

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